All  about  WC's  would-be  Westbury  Wilts  A350  Bypass    
  ...  with  a  route  in  the  wrong  area,  on  the  wrong  side  of  the  town  

... on the east, when the railway station and future freight terminal are on the west ... ... and making no interconnection ...

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Westbury is already partially surrounded, on two sides, by railway tracks.

An eastern bypass would have spoiled fresh land and left the town encircled.

W(C)C's eastern bypass was routed a long way around to the industrial estates.

From the Northacre trading estate, south towards the A36, the journey distance via the eastern A350 bypass to Madbrook could have been doubled.   The severe HGV congestion on the A350 at Yarnbrook would have been made much worse.

Interconnection with Westbury Station, where the primary London to Plymouth and the Cardiff to Southampton railway lines intersect, where a road to rail interchange is to be, is short-sightedly ignored by our Wiltshire councillors.

We see for ourselves that there are various comparatively new existing roads around Westbury, that have been built to a full highway standard, which do not go through residential areas, that could fairly readily be linked-up to effectively make low-cost relief roads for Westbury and also Yarnbrook and West Ashton. These are usable roads which are existing or are being constructed anyway.
Why take yet more fresh land?    Do you have any thoughts in this regard?

Wiltshire Council had chosen a route through the finest local landscape.
It would have surely known that it would encounter widespread opposition.

An eastern bypass above all else was a political objective of Wiltshire Council.

The longest local tail-backs at A350 village Yarnbrook would become longer.

More homes are by the more intensive A350 traffic via Melksham than Westbury.   An eastern Westbury bypass meant more traffic for Melksham.

Road hold-ups in Devizes are worse than in Westbury, but also off WC's focus.

WC's eastern Westbury bypass would have urbanised the best countryside.

Yet it could not provide efficient transport links for the employment areas.

Because the eastern bypass route was on the wrong side of the town...

 The Council had previously been obliged to acknowledge that the decision for the eastern route is not in accordance with the development plan for the area.

By wanting to build a main road though a designated Special Landscape Area, WC was ready to spend our money on counter-productive artificial mitigation.

Wiltshire Council's Eastern Bypass was planned to be through the Westbury water supply zone.   WC's dud scheme was a hazard for all of us in the area.   Our water supply is interlinked.   Already high projected costs were set to soar.

The railway was ignored, when the price of the eastern highway plan was spiralling ...    next page >>