All  about  WC's  would-be  Westbury  Wilts  A350  Bypass    
  ...  but  why  not  have  a  solution  in  the  right  area  of  the  town  ...?  

... what would an eastern bypass have really achieved ...? ... why not the solution which is actually needed ...?

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Inefficiently, there is no direct interconnection between the industrial estates, the railway station (site of road-rail interchange) and the major road, the A36.

Since the sixties, unsuitable twisty inner roads through this old market town have been the route of the A350 for long-distance HGVs as well as local traffic.

There is a genuine need for a direct highway standard heavy goods vehicle road that will go via the industrial and trading estates and Westbury railway station.

But would you really have wanted a bypass on the wrong, eastern, side...?

A bypass which would not have actually resolved the real needs.

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