Waste  due  to  WC's  would-be  Eastern  Westbury  Bypass    
 ...  covering  over  failure  with  BS :  the  Conservative  Big  Society  

... Wiltshire Council keeps its bypass disaster discreet ... and now tries to save costs by pushing work onto the community ...

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After wasting millions, Conservative Wiltshire Council hopes that suckers from the 'Big Society' will help out by taking over the running of council services.

Tory-controlled Wiltshire Council is top-down and is used to pushing out BS.

Having wasted 5 million of our council tax money through persisting with its potty eastern bypass project, Wiltshire Council has since determined on false economies such as dropping Senior Railcards and wanting to drop Westbury Swimming Pool because our Big Society Council says that it is unaffordable.    BS Conservative Wiltshire Council also hoped to close our public toilets.

Local response has been hostile.   Wilts residents want the facilities which they pay council tax for.   Widespread scepticism about WC's attitude to local opinion has been endorsed by seeing it twisted around.   Though many are indifferent.

Too many people expect a few to do it all for them.   The Tory 'Big Society' is an extension of this, based upon the principle that the time of ordinary people who play their part in society is of little account and is just there to be exploited.

Making council staff redundant and then paying them off is counter-productive.

It is wholly wrong for unpaid volunteers to displace other people's employment.

The Conservatives at County Hall, or in Government, have no mandate for cuts in services and jobs.   Their dud plans should be exposed - and not bailed out.

"We are all in this together"

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