All  about  WC's  would-be  Westbury  Wilts  A350  Bypass    
  ...  with  a  route  on  the  wrong  side  of  the  town,  in  the  wrong  area  

... how an eastern bypass would have spoiled Westbury's best landscape ... ... whoever wanted a road through here ...?

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BS Floats in WC
Big Society: BS
Rotten to Core
Green Valley
Wrong Way
Spiralling Cost
Business Case
No to Funding
Barmy Bypass Bad for BA13
Pollution Risk
Walk the Route
Land Owners
Dim on Wildlife
Cement Works
Why East...?
Choked Town
Ignored Report
West Solutions for Westbury
Our Railway
Forty Acres
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The eastern bypass would have cut through all of these stunning old vistas:

... The Salisbury Plain Escarpment above the Wellhead Springs ...

... The Dry Valley by the Drove Track between Wellhead and Newtown ...

... The White Horse from Newtown across to the Bratton Road ...

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