Half a chance, half a chance,
a chance to drive backwards.
Through the Wellhead Valley,
drove on Wiltshire Council.
Backward-led councillors
charged the environment.
In through Wellhead Valley,
drove misled Wilts Council.

Backward Wiltshire Council
made most about dismayed.
Some councillors knew that
some body had blundered.
Theirs not to reason why,
theirs not to make reply.
In the Wellhead Valley,
drove futile Wilts Council.

Scarp to the right of them,
woods to the left of them,
facts all in front of them.
Facts that are repeated,
but constantly ignored.
For the road to nowhere.
In the Wellhead Valley...?
Bad move, Wiltshire Council.

Why should their folly fade?
Of the dud plan they made,
others sighed and wondered.

Vain waste of council tax,
because they bypassed facts:
backward Conservatives.

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