Restricted Access to the Railway Station

Westbury station is really big on the tracks.  Two principal main lines, plus local lines, meet here.

Yet there is only one way in by road to this big railway junction - through Station Road.

Wiltshire Council proposed to cut the traffic in Station Road by 96%.

This is being contrived with counter-productive restrictions.

So partially choking access to the railway and the businesses in Station Road.

According to its own policy, Wiltshire Council is meant to be improving access to the railway.

A road to rail freight terminal has been planned, alongside the extensive sidings at Westbury station.

Existing entry to the station is through narrow approaches from observably inadequate mini-roundabouts, with tight turns, which impede or prevent heavy vehicles or large buses/coaches from getting in and out.

A western access road (as described on this site) to the station and freight sidings could resolve all of this.

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