Another Objectionable Bypass Planning Application

To justify disregarding original objections, Wiltshire County Council replaced its 2005 planning application with another, in March 2007, for fundamentally the same eastern route.   All concerned had to write again.

We were told that this was due to additional wildlife mitigation details.   Which were not really there to see.

The plannning application was a mega amount of information, which needed several months to read through. Which is why Wiltshire County Council allowed us only three weeks to take it all in and write our comments.

Wilthire Council's presentation suggested that the revised planning application was about changes of detail.

It is what we had thought, from the summary, until we discovered the hard to find drawings of the gantries.

Big and ugly.   Barely mentioned.   Not shown in the summary for the public.   Not shown in overall sections.

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