Actual local journey times on the A350 in the Westbury area

Surveys of real peak-hour car journey times on the A350 demonstrate that the 3 mile stretch of mostly 30mph restricted road through Westbury, from Madbrook to Heywood, consistently takes 7 to 8 minutes.

The 3 miles of mostly 50mph signed road on the A350 from Heywood through Yarnbrook and West Ashton to Stoney Gutter take anywhere between 5 & 25 minutes.  Tail-backs here often mean 20 minute delays.

This proves where the Westbury area hold-ups on the A350 really are: at Yarnbrook and West Ashton.

Reliability of journey times along the A350 would obviously not be improved by a Westbury bypass.

The average time to be saved by building a bypass just around Westbury is about 2 minutes.

20 minute delays on the A350 at Yarnbrook and West Ashton will still be there, more so.

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