Conservative Agenda of Car-Dependent Housing Development, Ignoring Sound Planning, the Bypass Inquiry Result and Reality

Most Westbury area people were against WC's Fruit Bat Eastern Bypass project, which failed dismally at the Planning Inquiry where there were twice as many Wiltshire residents voicing their objections as those who wanted a bypass around Westbury.

As if challenging the planning process which rejected its Eastern Bypass scheme, Wiltshire Council appears to hope to resurrect the counter-productive project by means of road-linked development.

Here is a map of Wiltshire Council's suggested new housing development sites around Westbury:

Note a preponderance of development zoned on the eastern side of Westbury and how much of it matches the previously intended route of Wiltshire Council's formally ruled-out Eastern Bypass.

The probability of new housing along the proposed bypass route was discussed at the Inquiry. Wiltshire Council then denied that there was any linkage or indeed that it could ever happen.

New homes that are dependent on cars will create increased road traffic to choke the roads.

Wiltshire Council's Core Strategy is intended to encourage counter-productive development.

Westbury Bypass has never been off Wiltshire Council's mind.   It is back on the agenda now.

Wiltshire Council's regurgitated retrograde intentions in previous Local Transport Today mag.

And further detailed observations on Wiltshire Council's Westbury development sites strategy.

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